Ka Ching! High

KACHING! HIGH offers a game changing way to teach the new generation on the importance of financial literacy. Each lesson is presented through relatable, easy-to-read and understand stories that feature complex concepts such as delayed gratification, peer pressure, needs and wants, savings, budgeting,  investing, Rate of Return (R.O.R.), passive income, value and career guidance.

Being in KOMIKS form, learning becomes light, entertaining and full of insight  on the power of financial wellness in this day and age when materialism and  consumerism is eating its way through our daily lives.


  • Fashion Trends + Peer Pressure = Expenses
  • To Win Friends = Expenses
  • Bisyo = Perwisyo
  • Nasa High School Ka na!
  • Cash Flow Rule
  • Matuto Tayong Maging Praktikal
  • Needs and Wants
  • Income – Savings = Expense
  • Pagpaplano at Pagbabadyet
  • Back Up Fund, Investment Fund, School Budget
  • Ano nga ba ang Compounding Interests?
  • Ano nga ba ang Inflation?
  • Financial I.Q.
  • Palawakin ang Iyong Financial Vocabulary
  • Time Deposits, Government Securities, VUL, Mutual Funds
  • Mga Dapat Alamin sa Pinapasukang Investment
  • Assets vs. Liabilities
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s Books
  • Poor & Middle Class = Job;  Rich = Assets
  • Formula for Financial Freedom:  Passive Income  < Total Expense
  • Rate of Return (R.O.R.)
  • Mataas ang Paglago, Mataas din ang Panganib
  • Money Values Education
  • Anong Kurso ang Dapat Mong Kunin sa Kolehiyo?
  • Career FIT:  Talent
  • Career FIT:  Income
  • The Law of Supply and Demand
  • Types of Income
  • Career FIT:  Fulfillment
  • Fast Forward
  • Personal Interest Index


bam aquinoKa Ching! High is a fresh take on introducing financial literacy to young Filipinos. The fun illustrations and stories make money management, an otherwise intimidating topic, relatable to everyday life. Ka Ching! High tackles real-life challenges that teenagers face today and helps provide a guide in making decisions. This book is an excellent tool that will help make financial literacy a reality for all Filipino youth.

Senator Paolo “Bam” Benigno Aquino IV
Philippine Senator

It may sound cliche but, indeed, experience is the best teacher. It is always best to learn from our experiences and others’ too. The illustrations in the book are so common and practical that anyone can relate to it. Thank you for compiling such stories because many times, it’s not really about learning something new and mind-blowing but it’s reminding ourselves of the basics that we might have overlooked.

Dr. Grace Gorospe Jamon
Director of U.P. Diliman Extension Programs in Pampanga and Olongapo