Super Tykecoon

A comic book that teaches kids how to save and start their own business. Each story comes with a moral value, specific lesson topic for elementary students and fun activities that teachers and parents can do with their kids.


  • What is Super Tykecoon
  • What is an Entrepreneur?
  • What is Time?
  • What is Savings?
  • Learn to Monitor & Balance your Allowance
  • Why is Saving Money Very Important?
  • Saving Money for the people We love
  • Where do I put the money that I save?
  • How do I Teach & Encourage my kids to Save?
  • Can I use the Money that I save?
  • What is the meaning of Business?
  • 4 types of Businesses
  • Why do I want to have my own Business?
  • Use your imagination to create Business Ideas
  • What can you learn from the Business?
  • Let’s Make a Business Plan
  • I need money for my Business, Where do I get it?
  • How Much will I sell my Products?
  • When will I sell my Product?
  • Do a Market Analysis:
  • How can I make More People to buy my Products?
  • I’m Earning Money! How to Handle my money Properly.
  • What Interest?
  • Fly High! You’re Now a Super Tykecoon!


Ramon-AngI smiled a mile when I first opened a copy of Super Tykecoon. It’s filled with lots of practical and useful advice and presented in a funny and engaging way that young kids (and adults) will respond to.

In terms of experience as an entrepreneur and businessman, I may have the advantage of more than half a century on most of you, but I really do wish that I had a similar book when I was your age. Super Tykecoon will teach you how to write a business plan, arrive at the right price points for whatever it is you are selling and how to market your own products. Invaluable knowledge for any aspiring and budding entrepreneur!

This wonderful book will definitely find space on the shelf of my youngest son (now 13). It’s a must read for any young child remotely interested in making a name for himself in business. To all the Super Tykecoons in the making, see you in the boardroom!

-Ramon S. Ang
President/ COO
San Miguel Corporation

Prudencio-Pruds-SIf all children will be exposed to think and act like an entrepreneur, there is no doubt that the Philippines will soon rise as a progressive nation. This is what I appreciate most in this book. It opens the mind and hearts of the young people to entrepreneurship and present it in a light, simple and creative manner such that curiosity, interests and enthusiasm of the young generation toward business will be triggered. This is a sure hit for young (and not so young) readers who have acumen in business. I will definitely recommend this book to my child and to other parents who wants to develop positive values to their children! Congratulations!

-Prudencio “Pruds” S. Garcia
Mekeni Food Corporation

Arni-NThe book is an easy read in comic book format complete with entertaining illustrations. It delves on subject and examples that readers, young and old can grasp and learn from. No school lesson teaches it quite the ways as the book does, and with its inexpensive price tag, it will hopefully entice many young entrepreneurs to be their own bosses and become the future “tycoons”.

-Arni N. Valdes
DoloMatrix Philippines, Inc.
Juan D. Nepomuceno Sons Inc.

Tet-AndolongThe hope of this country lies in the hands of the future business leaders. Super Tykecoon is an awesome way to teach and inspire our children to become entrepreneurs and captains of industries when they become adults. My hats off to Bayan Komiks’ Super Tykecoon!

-Tet Andolong
Motoring, Journey and Property Sections-
Business Mirror

Pia-Angeles--FloresSUPER TYKECOON is a delightful concept! It aided me, being a mother of three girls, to mold the new generation to become more financially- conscious. The simplistic manner by which it explains complicated business concepts reinforced with a creative comics lay-out makes it very engaging indeed. Starting them young to comprehend the importance of saving and wise spending is definitely the way to go!

-Pie Angeles- Flores
Wife, Mompreneur & Corporate Marketing Consultant

Amos-ManlangitAya J. Mendoza-Sadiwa’s most recent revelation, Super Tykecoon introduces young minds towards 21st century learning where diversity, creativity and choice flourish. The Child awakens himself to a world of possibilities- to becoming an entrepreneur and to a life extending beyond traditional thinking and expectation.

Carefully planned and creatively presented, Super Tykecoon also revives the joy of book reading due to its visual appeal and appropriateness, which with ease can be digested.  Likely, any child will surely enjoy this “short course” on entrepreneurship!

This is a must read for all- to be enticed, committed, focused in helping form our very own children’s dreams as they create a significant niche in this world through their own strengths and talents.

-Amos V. Manlingit
Principal- Headway School for Giftedness

ej-moen An Amazing book indeed! As a young boy, I am a fan of Superheroes and I’ve always wanted to become one. This book did a great job in which Super Tykecoon teaches kids real life lessons they can easily remember. This book also inspires children at a very young age to save for their future, start their own business and be responsible
in spending their own money wisely, thus providing them a good money blueprint.

Remember kids, the best person that will take care of you when you get old is the younger you! Read it now and be ready to become a Super Tykecoon!!

-EJ Moen D. Liwanag
Young Entrepreneur
Executive Circle Member
Royale Business Club International Inc.