TEACHING ‘TOONS Bayan Komiks makes learning fun through comic books


Reading comics is widely thought of as pure fun, but Dennis Dizon turned this beloved pastime into edutainment- educational entertainment- when he founded Bayan Komiks in September 2013.

Used as teaching tools, Bayan Komiks’ cartoon format targets Filipino who “hate reading thick, text- heavy, and more expensive books,” says Dizon. “We live in the internet age; readers normally are used to graphics, [not] reading long text.”

Each chapter tells different story, followed by a lessons page.“ The idea is to get [readers]to relate to the topic first with a story, then present the serious stuff like charts and definitions [afterwards].”

Bayan Komiks’ maiden title, Ka Ching! Ka Ching!, is about personal finance, but it tackled topics like customer service in Apir, Disapir!, and entrepreneurship for kids with Super Tykecoon. It plans to cover subjects like the environment and time management in its upcoming releases.

Dizon sees Bayan Komiks as a kind of social enterprise: He hopes that the books, especially Ka Ching! Ka Ching!, will be used as a corporate social responsibility tool by companies, or as a source of income by direct sellers. “We give priority to small-volume buyers to create livelihood [for them] and teach them financial literacy. If we succeed in educating [Filipinos], in making them productive and competitive, economic progress follows.”-Cathy Carpio